About Us

we've all loved, been in love, experienced moments of love. that includes the joy and the pain that usually accompanies loving some one or some thing, so needless to say this also means we've experienced loss. loss through death, time or seasonal shifts that remove individuals from our lives. at times, this loss can be crippling, painful to the point of collapsing, turning inward or just plain giving up and in to depression. however, the epitome of love, the core of the energy is to do it anyway; do it again and again, repeatedly.

to lov3 hard.

lov3hard was born from experiencing great love in all these facets. it serves as a reminder that despite the ups and downs of life, one thing remains firm and true: lov3. passion may waver, but lov3 will never be extinguished. so this brand seeks to gently and not so gently remind you and others that lov3 always triumphs, always wins. and in all of the twists, dips and turns, to just be you. be the best version of yourself you can


as has been said one time or perhaps a few dozen, you've been down this road before and therefore, you know exactly what awaits you on the other side. so in this moment, in this time, in this space, cross that bridge ... choose you.

choose lov3.


lov3 hard. till it fills you up. this simple step is how you change the world … you start with yourself.

our products boast care to design, materials, quality craftsmanship thereby creating unique items that inspire and others will enjoy. colorful, creative, and expressive. that is us. each product represents what life and love truly is—the greatest expression.