self love

self love. love self. however you phrase or turn it, the fact remains you must love you before you're capable of loving another. but sometimes we get it wrong, backwards and apply societal ills (refuse to identify them as norms, as they are not) of a give-to-receive mentality to an energy that transcends these banal acts. 

sadly, outside noise and distractions deter us from focusing on self. nourishing and showering ourselves with love does not come first. if you're inundated with outside influences repeatedly hammering how you're unworthy of love because you do not fit or reflect a particular standard, a dis-ease of mind and body is bound to occur. it settles in, takes residence in you. you begin to feel as if you're not enough. you question your very existence, your purpose on this plane. all because you've accepted words, ideals not your own. you've made them truths and now cling to the stench of them. allowing those acrid words to blanket your being with despair.

as with the lunar phases, we, too, must disrupt, cleanse, rejuvenate and restore. reset to the original.

| action |

lets actively remove this layer to reveal truth. how? sit in nature, breathe deeply, center yourself and allow the noise of your teachings to float up. either write them down to discard them later or write them to dissect them later or merely sit with them and watch as they float away. bid them farewell as they move from your life. do not call these images and energies back to you. release them. this process may take time, but take a few minutes either at daybreak or setting of the sun or under the luminous light of the moon. do the work to remove the layers of lies. step out of your garments, allow water of the heavens or faucet to aid in your cleansing. eventually, sooner rather than later, the beauty of who you are will surface.

| work |

i love me. all of me and am actively rediscovering the unique gifts, talents and truths i possess. i love me. unapologetically. i am never in competition with another living soul. i'm in complement. i acknowledge that at times i have played the role of saboteur in my life, but now i choose to be my rescuer. i am bandaging my own heart. i am cleansing my own wounds. why? love is in the action; love is in the care. love is me.

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